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August 18, 2000


The importance of educating SEO

The SEO experts spent several hours a week reading blogs, social networks and forums to keep abreast of the latest search engine. We spent a lot of time testing and performing measurements to find out what works best for our customers. The trouble is that when we spend too much time trying new techniques, we can lose the thread and stop looking at what our customers really need. We get into our bubble.

It’s easy to get excited when Google announced that we will be able to use SSL in its Adwords program, but is useless if not after the landing-page optimized with keywords and proper goal.

It makes no sense to test A / B buttons changing colors and then leave the page without goals, texts and images unoptimized.

Sometimes visits are falling because we have not found 404 errors in webmaster tools for a long time and we know that we have been penalized by Google. When you hear galloping, think horses, not zebras, and do not forget that most customers have no idea what you’re talking about.

Managing a small business is much more than a full time job. Most customers know they have to do many things for your business but once this created the web do not know what steps to take.

When we first audit to a customer, we are surprised that often have only done the work of putting content on the web, but without any sense in most of the time without optimizing almost all occasions.

The essential and basic is to drive traffic to get new customers through the web, without time and proper dedication most small customers do not get adequate results, so each time you spend less time and effort to the business on-line.

Spending put hours in the SEO bubble is a way to keep abreast of the latest trends inĀ seo marketing brisbane to win and keep customers, however, we have to get out of that bubble and realize that many customers are not thinking about their online project properly.



Not everyone has knowledge of digital marketing and that is the reason why most small businesses prefer to hire the services of a SEO expert. The time it takes to run a business is a lot and this means that once you decide to jump into Online have to call an expert rather than yourself.

There are some very competitive sectors, but within those sectors can still find niche markets where no one is focusing in a serious way. If we focus on locally keywords (eg “Dance Academy in Seville”), we may use an incognito window in the browser to search. If the phrase or keyword does not appear in the proposed Google, chances are that no one is optimizing your page with it. With some basic SEO improvement we can highlight more than the competition.

This includes things how are you:

  • Use keywords in page titles, in the friendly url and content.
  • Creating profiles on local sites like Yellow Pages, 11870 or Google Places.
  • Getting links and quotes pages and blogs in our industry locally.

It may not seem like much, but sometimes it’s all we need. Of course, once achieved, the smart thing is to keep improving the authority of the domain and continue to build more content for the website.

Normally the most competitive brands in the market pay little attention to improve their positions in searches and get almost all traffic from your pages thanks to Branding using traditional marketing techniques and strength that has its domain. These searches are good, but if they were planning an SEO would get better results and more opportunities. Over the next few years look SEO experts will seize these opportunities.

From inside the bubble, it is easy to forget the basics of SEO that really work. In addition to the basic elements listed above, a website should be:

  • Quick. The average loading time should be less than 5 seconds
  • Responsive. Adaptation to the most important mobile market is increasingly necessary to be well positioned.
  • Easy navigation (not only users, also for Google). Run Screaming Frog or Xenu to make sure that the links from around the web reach correct pages and do not give 404s.
  • Unique and rich in keywords, using language that everyone can understand easily and without using technical words that only know in your sector.
  • With buttons to share on social networks.

With these “simple” appreciations have a substantial improvement in visibility. It’s easy right?



SEO is a set of skills and knowledge about the algorithms of major search engines and how to improve the programming of web pages to be indexed better, but it has some disadvantages.Most customers do not know much about SEO, but the worst is that some SEOS not know much about SEO.

There are many resources to learn SEO, but Google can be a double-edged sword with old information that can make it difficult for people who do not have much experience in marketing and read without paying attention to the date of the information. An article on how to make chocolate muffins 2010 may have the same url today and have not changed anything in all that time, however, an article on PAGERANK be updated more often and be clear that the information appearing there probably already be obsolete.

Content creation and link building can be very tempting for the beginner SEO as there are many tricks and content that seem great ideas on the internet. Spam directories, link farms … ..that are still in operation and also find a lot of information on how to do.

WHY should we care?

Because the SEO needs experienced people who know what they are doing to work and therefore we are very concerned that start with poor information base.

The first reason is ideological, because we worry when they make a bad campaign and misuse of SEO, making us look bad, we try to really make things right.

The second reason is practical. People who billed as SEO without knowing enough is a problem because customers do not know enough about SEO either. It’s easy for someone around to creating low quality links in directories. So cheapen costs and compete on price with SEO experts do content marketing and quality links a large scale, as the former requires much less work than the second. Short-term results can be faster with the first example, if we use the long-term strategies, but they risk to have a sanction that would be very difficult to return to recover, besides not being able to guarantee their work.


The SEO should do reach customers everything is done and why it is done. That means giving them enough information to be able to curb malpractices, even before closing an economic agreement with them. It means saying “even if you do not hire me to do linkbuilding correctly, please, do not hire anyone who does wrong.” It means waste time necessary to explain why the positions of the first page of Google are guaranteed, and the risks involved in doing linkbuilding link farms or directories. Above all, it means leaving our SEO bubble and put ourselves in the customer, remembering that the basic principles of digital marketing that may seem obvious, most of our customers do not know them.At least we have to educate our customers, starting to ask them not to change anything on the web without talking to us previously and properly planning and preparing each modification 301s when necessary.

There SEOS that give us a bad reputation, we also need to make education work to the SEO community. Leaving the bubble have to assess spend some time talking with new SEOs in lectures, roundtables and conferences. In this way we know that many of the big brands seek experienced ncesarios SEOS and resources to learn what we do.

As SEO content creators, we must also spend part of our time updating or unsubscribing any outdated content on our pages. This can be as simple as posting a note reporting that the news is obsolete or has been deregistered or as complex as creating a new story on the same subject. If you’re getting organic traffic to a page with outdated information search it is hurting the education of other SEO. The right thing would be to update existing information and content to be of high quality and most useful for new SEOs who are learning through what we write in our blogs.

Some people who read this post will think this is normal and immediately go to fix some of its inputs from 3 or 4 years ago and thus have the latest information and improve training new SEOs … or at least I hope so.


  • There are still a lot of sectors that use only the basics of SEO and do not spend time learning new techniques or local SEO positioning.
  • Companies that are getting all their strength through self Branding, can only be overcome by the force of SEO well done + Branding.
  • Customers do not know who to trust or how to do SEO properly, so we have to educate them not to trust in bad SEOs, plus, of course, to teach and explain how to do things right and because it must be done that way .
  • The bad SEOs give us a bad reputation, so that education in our community should be a priority.

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