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August 18, 2000


The failure of the School Feeding Program

The essential aim is to ensure the rights to education and food, and the plan is that the Ministry gives guidelines and part of the budget, and the governorates and municipalities hire. But based on journalistic work and the report that he gave on July 30 the Ombudsman, one can see that the State is not complying with these guarantees.

Since 2013, municipalities and governorates them have warned Santos and his ministers of Education that PAE is underfunded. An example: the ICBF had defined that each breakfast cost $ 943 and $ 1,282 pesos each lunch. Then the Ministry recalculated the cost using Food costing software  and $ 1,370 concluded in for breakfast and $ 2,273 for lunch. The Ministry of Education, however, no added resources for departments to hire the service specified in the PAE, which led the Ministry itself is operating the program in 19 of the 32 departments. These include Atlantic and La Guajira, two of the three investigated by the Ombudsman, more Choco, which ECPs is now managed by the Government.

In visits made randomly to 14 municipalities in the three departments and several of its public educational institutions, defender Jorge Otálora and his team discovered, among many things, the following: in the Atlantic, the Ministry of Health took 210 samples of food 94 establishments deliver them. Of those, 158 were rejected because they threw presence of mold, yeast, total and fecal coliforms, aerobic mesophilic bacteria and salmonella. Who gives these foods? Feeding the Temporary Union operator. Under the baton of whom? The Ministry of Education.

In Choco, PAE is operated by Camawa, Catruc-Acirc and nefarious Fungescol, of which I have spoken on two previous columns, all employed by the Government. In most municipalities there are no conditions for storing food, manipulative food are untrained and there is no money to verify in situ if operators comply or not.

In La Guajira distribution and food delivery is not met at the times indicated or established places. Perishable foods are left on the floor, no kitchens, children eat their food with rusty cutlery and liquids and juices are served in buckets where previously been washed rag pickers. Who delivered food there? There are many operators, but give them the names of two: the Heart Country Corporation and the Consortium Nurturing School of La Guajira. Who hires them? The Ministry of Education.

The defender happened the 76-page report to the president, the Parody minister, the governors of these departments, the Attorney General and the Comptroller, with findings that point to a lack of administrative, financial, organizational and infrastructure, institutional coordination and permanent violation of the fundamental rights of children. And that only involves three departments because those who know how SAP operates in the rest say the situation is no better.

Again, since 2013 several authorities seized the alamas. What the government did? Nothing. And all these, senators and representatives to the House by those departments and their political parties, what have they done for their constituents besides rummaging votes and spread lies?

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