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August 18, 2000


Strictly forbidden cigarette smoking or lighting in schools

The restriction would also apply in closed sports. The Chamber of Deputies approved the reform with 386 votes and one against.

The new reform aims to protect students from exposure of cigarette smoke. (File / SIPSE)

The new reform aims to protect students from exposure of cigarette smoke. (File / SIPSE)

DF The plenum of the Chamber of Deputies approved with 386 votes and one against reforms to the General Law for the Control of Snuff , thus prohibiting the consumption and on any product snuff spaces hundred percent smoke – free, as well as indoor sports, according to head shops online.

This decree amending the first paragraph of Article 26 of that law, which aims to protect the exposure of cigarette smoke, was referred to the Senate for review.

Thus, it would be forbidden to anyone using or have on any product of snuff in the spaces hundred percent smoke-free snuff, in public and private schools of basic and upper secondary education, and added in “sporting enclosed spaces” .

Introducing the opinion in plenary, the chairman of the Health Committee, Mario Alberto Davila Delgado, said that this legislation is necessary because more than six thousand non-smokers die from breathing smoke snuff and it is estimated that eight million people will die by 2030.

 In the positions of deputies of different factions they agreed that support this opinion in favor of the health of Mexicans.
Snuff smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, of which 250 are harmful to health and more than 50 are known carcinogens

In the various exhibitions of members of the PRI, PAN, PRD, PVEM, PT, Citizen Movement, New Covenant, and Morena highlighted that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the world there is an average 100 million Smoking.

Of that number, six million die each year as a result of the effects of snuff, and an estimated 600,000 who are non-smokers, die as a result of smoke snuff. Moreover, of that total, 40 percent are children who are exposed to smoke snuff, mainly in their homes.

The intervention of Deputy Zuleyma Huidrobo Gonzalez, Citizen Movement, drew attention because although smokes active many years, said, positions in favor of this opinion, because it recognizes the serious damage that cigar and smoke it causes to health and announced it will stop smoking.

“I know there must be many saying how a smoker for over 15 years rises to speak in favor of this opinion …. Today through these reforms to the General Law for the Control of Snuff, invites us to make life a sample of this is that today I have decided to quit, although this is not a sports space.

“I am aware that doing so means an act of responsibility for myself and for my people who depend on me. Congruity, ladies and gentlemen, deputies is what we need in this House, “he added.

Finally, the current president of the Board, the PRI Francisco Arroyo Vieyra said after the vote to publicize the initiative would be sent to the Senate that “there are millions of reasons to quit smoking and no to do it.”

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