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August 18, 2000



Dry air causes health problems especially to children. Humidifiers and air purifiers Trotec watch for an optimal room climate.

There are few things that are as critical to health as the air we breathe every day. This applies especially for our children, who attend daily kindergartens and schools. Precisely them be careful that the hygienic conditions are better and the air is cool and dry ambient air that makes small are prone to disease and significantly reduces the ability to concentrate. As these centers can not always ensure regular ventilation is important to reinforce it with modern technology. By using humidifiers powerful air and air purifiers effective , which Trotec has in its product portfolio, the air is enriched with moisture while filtered. For greater wellbeing and health of our children.

Five times a week we send our children to day care or school. They spend many hours, sometimes even the whole day. Parents appreciate much besides teaching offer, also healthy eating and hygienic conditions are the best. Justly! After the children should feel good and thrive. That is why the managers of these centers run special responsibility – also with regard to environmental climate in the halls and classrooms. Since early autumn heat gets to fight the cold. And this in turn causes the air to dry. What causes children more damage than many believe.

Dry air is harmful to health.

Everyone knows the phenomenon: If a child is sick, and attending a group or class, the disease spreads rapidly among friends. One reason for the rapid spread are excessively low values of humidity in the rooms. The activity of influenza virus increases disproportionately if the air is dry.Correspondingly mucous children dry quickly. Thus they are more susceptible to viruses and germs. The improved weather conditions, namely a proper environmental air moisture, has a preventive effect. But this just is reached with the ventilation of rooms and classrooms because children can not be cared for too long with the windows open. The use of the latest technology helps: The humidifiers and air purifiers Trotec is not only responsible for the moisture values are the best in kindergartens and schools. Also they filter the air. Another reason to breathe deeply.

The best climate for a better concentration

The important thing is to set air quality, especially humidity, at an optimal value in kindergartens and schools, show other facts. If the air is too dry motivation and concentration of children diminish. Too dry room air prevents the absorption of oxygen and oxygen transport in the blood. the harmful effect of dust particles and microorganisms is also aggravated. After all they lack water vapor as an element to link into the air, thus multiplied to reach the airways of those attending kindergartens and schools.

An additional portion of health breathing

An effective humidification and air purification: It air humidifiers are responsible for moving evaporation of Trotec. The models are compact and are characterized by a silent march so do not bother even in class work. The air humidifiers can be connected easily in classrooms and halls and for operation just press a button. Once the value has been adjusted to desired humidity air, humidifier hygrostat controlled automatically regulates its operation. All models Trotec humidifiers operate on the principle of evaporation insurance. It describes a limescale formation or condensation does not occur. Nor is it possible that ambient air is humidified excessively since one always moves in the optimum range between 40% and 60%. Harmful in water (p. Eg. Germs form) substances remain in the water tank and the filter and are not expelled to the ambient air.This ensures hygienic operation with 99% less emission of bacteria in ultrasonic humidifiers. Both small and large scale applications, Trotec always have on hand the appropriate model. In small rooms up to 24 m² humidifier design B 25 E , a perfect finish, it ensures that the airways and small nose is not too dry. Also with a pleasant odor with the addition of an aromatic oil. The compact B 200 eco , for example, issued daily to 43 liters of water and shines by an optimal value. Powerful and reliable local humidification larger are the B 400 and B 500 Funk issuing 60 liters ambient air and score points with many additional modern features.

That way “clean” the air

For a space that is small, such as room next to a group of nursery where the little nap after lunch, are appropriate compact and colorful air purifiers Trotec S AW series . They combine attractive design with optimum results of air purification. Both AW 10 S as the AW 20 S aspire ambient air and lead through disks rotating humidifier that enrich with moisture. In the process , dirt particles such as pollen, hairs and dust are attached to the disk humidifier and are linked in the collection tank. The AW 20 S – depending on the operating mode – additionally offers a HEPA filtration bottom of humidified air.

Advantages of mobile evaporative humidifiers

  • humidifying air reliable and effective for flawless health and a good ability to concentrate
  • automatic regulation of the humidity controlled hygrostat
  • quiet operation mode
  • no accumulation of lime or moisture
  • optimal value in appliances of all categories

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