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August 18, 2000


Film and Education: 10 films on the teaching vocation

There are many exciting films that tell stories about life and experiences of teachers , both based on real facts and fiction. Stories of overcoming, people who love their work, new ways of approaching education … in short, desire to want to change the world. Stories that serve as motivation in the daily work in the classroom and give us the importance of work of teachers around the globe. It is not worth remembering from time to time, right?

Film and education | Tiching

Then we leave the list of 10 films that we have selected to pay our tribute to the teaching profession. Do not miss them on xmovies8 !:

  1. Professor Holland: The film tells the story of Glenn Holland, a young frustrated composer who never imagined that his real dream was to teach music to teenagers who end up being his best inspiration.
  2. Club Dead Poets: “Carpe diem, live for the moment” is the phrase that as a benchmark film related to education remains in our heads after watching this film. A beautiful story that raises the importance of thinking for themselves to students.
  3. All Starts Today: It is a film marking critical, that uses nearby techniques to thedocumentary (in fact, some actors are professionals, but others have been taken from the educational environment) to denounce the lack of attention of the authorities to education Children and related social issues.
  4. Choristes: A beautiful piece that takes us to the end of the 40s, after the Second World War, to tell a story of perseverance and hope. Its protagonist, clement, is not very happywith the strict and repressive school rules … and form a choir may be the best of ideas.
  5. Dangerous Minds: Another movie that is already a classic in the lists of education and film. Its protagonist is faced with the challenge of working with a class of conflicting and completely unmotivated teenagers. You will soon realize that to catch your attention should be the first to treat them with respect and believe in them.
  6. States to succeed: It’s the true story of an American professor who decided to work lecturing in the most troubled neighborhoods in New York, specializes in bringing out the best of students with more difficulties. A great inspirational film that reminds us of the power of vocation and self – improvement.
  7. Be and have: This is a documentary that tells us the challenges and projects that must confront a teacher in a rural school, a unitary school where students of different ages share class. Essential to remember that there are other ways to teach that sometimes we forget.
  8. Class: François and the other teachers of a French high school in a tough neighborhood are preparing to face a new course. A great story to address the issue of the role of school in our multicultural society, and discuss their socializing role and builder of coexistence.
  9. Mona Lisa Smile: It ‘s a set in the 50 story that tells the story of Katherine, a professor of art history ideas ahead of their time. A film about the role of women in society and the importance of education in this.
  10. At the front of the class: The film is based on the true story of Brah Cohen, diagnosed with Tourette syndrome since age 6. A ‘obstacle’ that will not pose any problems to fulfill his dream: becoming a teacher. However, the road will not be easy.

Did you know these stories? Why not share with us any more that you find interesting? Visit us at putlocker, Together we improve education!

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