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August 18, 2000


A school of Cardedeu proposes that children use mixed showers

The initiative of a school for children “lose body modesty” has fallen on deaf ears. The public NURSERY and Primary Les Aig├╝es de Cardedeu proposed in the early going that the children of the Initial Primary and Middle cycles (up to eleven years) move together in mixed costumes.The proposal has not been carried out following complaints from parents of students The intention was, as outlined in center in a circular sent to parents, “promote respect and naturalness in accepting one ‘s own body and that of others without compromising architectural barriers that forces you to separating students by gender “. The proposal came in June School Council, which approved it . Nevertheless, shortly after it public backed down. The reason, the complaints of many of the parents of students who considered “inappropriate”.

The withdrawal of the proposal was also communicated via a circular. In this new letter, the school claimed that not even take place because “there is not enough consensus so that it can pull through.” He added that if done, it risked that “many children not to shower, and we believe that the habit of showering after PE class is fundamental.” The center does not speak The Right to Choose Freedom of Education platform has denounced the fact. A spokesman has assured 20 minutes that, at first, “it was assumed that all parents accept the mixed showers. A few spoke in the voice of all.” The school has only confirmed that the proposal that students will use mixed showers & hand held shower heads emerged from the own School Board and retired “by complaints from some parents.” And they have not added anything else. “We are not allowed to explain to the media” have declared 20 minutes.

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